To put it bluntly, this project started as a desire to do something of my own before I die.

I have it basically all planned out, but since it's an online and ongoing project it might undergo changes through the process. It's a closed scenario/story that'll go on for about 5 or 6 volumes of approximately 50 pages each. I already have the full script for the first one, a draft for the second and a rough sketch for the incoming ones. I do it this way simply because otherwise I would get lost.

Although I'm writing in English, it is not my primary language (I'm Brazilian), so please feel free to point me at any misspelling, misconstrued phrase or grammatical error you spot! I'll make an effort to make it as clear as possible, always!

Currently I'm doing it only on my free time, but it's very demanding and time consuming. Since I still have to pay my bills, I currently work as a freelance artist, so unfortunately I can't give an estimate on when I can deliver the pages. I do wish to make them as fast as I can while keeping a quality standard that pleases me though, so if you really like my comic and where it's going and want to help me focus only on finishing it, please consider donating! It would be extremely helpful and I would be eternally grateful!

Keep an eye on Twitter and Tumblr for updates and new pages, also other related stuff!

Have a nice read!


Hi, I'm Rafael Ventura! I learned to read with comic books. They made a great part of my life while I didn't have access to other forms of entertainment such as television or games. I tried to make them on my teenage years and even had a supersaga at age 13, but obviously this hasn't got anywhere.

Albeit I did start my career working with comics, the future looked a little bleak back then and I turned gears towards my other passion, games. I've been working mostly as an artist/animator on a number of indie and publisher-based games since, including some like Shantae, Adventure Time and Skullgirls. Although I love it and do not plan on stopping so soon, I had the urge to put something out to call my own.

You can check some of my work here: ilustra terra. You can also find me on Twitter and Tumblr!

Last updated: 9/21

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